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I won’t be wearing my uniform at Pride

In light of the DoD’s historic decision to allow service members to wear their uniforms during (and only during) San Diego’s 2012 Gay Pride Parade, I initially thought I would do so as I participated in this march. But then I began thinking about it. More specifically, I began thinking about the theme of the group I will be marching with – “Join The Struggle, Not The War.” I’ve always been against the war in Iraq, I’ve come to be against the war in Afghanistan and the saber rattling currently underway with Iran makes me a bit nervous. I’ve done several deployments under the auspices of the Global War on Terrorism, I’ve supported this war in actions and deeds – stronger than any Yellow Ribbon you can attach to your car or any words you could throw out there – I can’t do it on this day, I’m joining the struggle. I am beyond happy the President has reversed the ludicrous policy of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters can stand with me should ever the defense of our country come to pass. Until then, I will continue being vocal in my dissent of wars for corporations and oil and profiteering.

Benjamin Cossel

An award winning journalist, Benjamin currently serves as public affairs representative for a large department of the state of California. His travels have taken him across his home country and around the globe trying to see what he can see.

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