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Watch Your Dime – Twelve Hours on the Fire Line

In this case, the enemy manifests as a series of lightning strikes on July 30 that ignited a tinderbox of densely forested land just begging for a reason to spark up. Severe drought conditions across the state have left a build up of dry under brush, thirsty, brown grass and other combustible material laying fallow; nature’s Molotov cocktail just waiting for the ignition.


Saving the Warrior

When it comes to veteran’s committing suicide, Save A Warrior founder, Jake Clark minces no words, “This is a holocaust in slow motion.”


Cal Guard soldiers prepare for Guantanamo Bay

More than 60 Soldiers with the California Army National Guard’s 40th Infantry Division said goodbye to friends and family as they head to Naval Station Guantanamo Bay for a nine-month rotation.


Why I Choose to Serve

So kind of a cool thing, the San Diego Union Tribune (the city’ daily newspaper) recently asked me to write a guest column for their Sunday, June 4, edition.


New York Guard Soldiers Raise Memorial Flag Over JTF

“Most of you wearing this uniform came in knowing what you were getting yourself into,” Borrero said. “You knew that you could find yourself in boot camp one day and the next day be on the front lines. Because of what you do, my 13-year old daughter can take piano lessons … America is a safer place for everyone because of what you do and I am honored to be standing here with you today.”


A Day in the Life

Pained expressions flash across the faces of those working the block only to be quickly replaced with solemn resignation. For these Troopers of the Naval Expeditionary Guard Battalion, it’s just another day working the camps of Joint Task Force Guantanamo.


The Great Equalizer

While rehabbing at Walter Reed, White learned of the Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba organization. He said he knew right away he wanted to be a part of the program.


True Grit

The pre-dawn darkness masks the steely look of determination and resolve ironed across the 15 faces of the 525th Military Police Battalion Soldiers. The challenge ahead of them will push them to their physical and mental limits — five won’t make it. For every Soldier who steps off from Kittery Beach at 5:30 a.m. Sunday, the goal is the same: earn a spot on the team heading to the high deserts of White Sands, N.M. for the 26.2-mile Bataan Memorial Death March.