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Whatever, We're goats.

CASA DE ORO, Calif. -- Cordelia - white doe to the left - and Filly - reddish, adult to the right - enjoy a breakfast of Chaffhaye Alfalfa at their new home at Anicca Acres. Photo by Benjamin Cossel. All Rights Reserved

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Watch Your Dime – Twelve Hours on the Fire Line

In this case, the enemy manifests as a series of lightning strikes on July 30 that ignited a tinderbox of densely forested land just begging for a reason to spark up. Severe drought conditions across the state have left a build up of dry under brush, thirsty, brown grass and other combustible material laying fallow; nature’s Molotov cocktail just waiting for the ignition.


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One half hillbilly, one half punk; big long legs and one big mouth; the hottest thing from the north to come out of the south. Do you understand?

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