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Queue up Ride of the Valkryie

CAMP ROBERTS, Calif. -- UH-60 Black Hawks from 1-140th Aviation Regiment, 40th Combat Aviation Brigade leave from Camp Roberts, June 15, in a tactical formation on their way to pick up Soldiers for an air assault mission. With 50 airraft currently on station for annual training, Camp Roberts officials said it was the largest number of aircraft in Camp Roberts history. Photo by Benjamin Cossel. All Rights Reserved

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Watch Your Dime – Twelve Hours on the Fire Line

In this case, the enemy manifests as a series of lightning strikes on July 30 that ignited a tinderbox of densely forested land just begging for a reason to spark up. Severe drought conditions across the state have left a build up of dry under brush, thirsty, brown grass and other combustible material laying fallow; nature’s Molotov cocktail just waiting for the ignition.


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